Oval Office Speech = Presidential Fail

I assume.  I didn’t watch.  I could read it here, but I haven’t.  But if Dear Reader is even turning off tingles, it must have been made of total and complete fail.

Matthews: “I don’t sense executive command.”

And Olbermann too!

Olbermann: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”

Matthews compared Obama to Carter.

Olbermann: “Nothing specific at all was said.”

Matthews: “No direction.”

Howard Fineman: “He wasn’t specific enough.”

Olbermann: “I don’t think he aimed low, I don’t think he aimed at all. It’s startling.”

You can read reactions all over the web today.  He’s bending over backwards trying to keep people from relating this disaster to Katrina.  And he’s right-it’s nothing like Katrina.  This disaster actually happened where there was federal jurisdiction, without warning, and is being dealt with by a competent governor of Louisiana.  This is actually far more like…um…er…The…no.

Oh right!  It’s a new disaster all it own and he’s reacting the same way the lefties falsely accused the previous administration of reacting to Katrina.

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