He Did What?!?!?!?

Best. Headline. Ever.

A German student “mooned” a group of Hell’s Angels and hurled a puppy at them before escaping on a stolen bulldozer, police have said.

Thank you Marko for linking this.

And the story does not disappoint.  They say the guy was off his medication.  I’ve got to wonder what kind of meds this guy is on.  If it seems perfectly normal for you to show up at a gathering of Hell’s Angels wearing a pair of shorts and carrying a puppy which you proceed to hurl at the people after dropping your pants and then choose a vehicle as swift as a bulldozer to make your dazzling escape, you must need some pretty powerful medication.

Wait!  I think I know exactly what happened.

Why didn’t I think of this before?  It explains everything.

Remember the unicorns and rainbows we were promised during the presidential campaign?  And also how the man that won decided to campaign in Germany?

Are you seeing it yet?

It seems the unicorn and rainbow delivery service got confused and sent them all to this guy in Germany!  He OD’d on the Hope! and Change! thus causing an inflated sense of invulnerability.  The euphoric high caused all his antics of the day.

See?  My logic is infallible.  Tell me the solutions the current administration has come up with to solve any problems make any more sense than dropping their pants and throwing a puppy at it.

In fact, that’s my new generic answer to life’s problems.

Mortgage payment past due?  Drop your pants and throw a puppy at it!

Unemployment lines too long?  Drop your pants and throw a puppy at it!

Health care too expensive?  Drop your pants and throw a puppy at it!

Oil in the gulf?  You get the idea.

2 thoughts on “He Did What?!?!?!?”

  1. I don’t think I have access to enough puppies for throwing at all of my problems and Oklahoma banned puppy mills so I have no ready source. Any suggestions on where to get extra puppies for all of my problems?

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