Do You Buy A Postage Stamp Every Day?

Me neither.  Which is only part of the reason this argument is ridiculous.

Washington (AP) — A climate and energy bill being pushed in the Senate would cost American households 22 to 40 cents a day – less than the cost of a first-class postage stamp, the Obama administration said Tuesday.

They’ve also failed to mention what it would cost the energy producers to install unproven technology to reduce emissions of something that may or may not be contributing to the phenomenon of global warming (which may or may not be actually happening).  We would be paying those costs too in addition to funding the new bureaucracy in charge of making energy more expensive.


But that’s not the only stupidity here.  We’ve also got this comment.

Obama said the spill was a stark reminder that the days of cheap and easy-to-get oil are numbered, adding that the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf should spark Congress to embrace a “clean energy” future that lessens dependence on oil and other fossil fuels.

No, the spill is a stark reminder of the tyranny of so-called environmentalists that push legislation that keeps oil companies from drilling in places where oil is far more easily accessible (ANWR anyone?).  By pushing drilling equipment that far away from land, you increase the difficulty in obtaining the oil and increase the risk of accidents. But it makes people feel better if they can’t see it.

Here was an accident caused by over-reaching regulations, and the proposed solution is more regulation. At least they didn’t halt the cleanup effort over some made up safety concern.  Oh wait!  Because contacting the company that built the barges to find out how many life vests are on board is so much more logical that stepping aboard and counting them.

Again, I say: Drop your pants and throw a puppy at it! (I’m amazed at how well this continues to fit.)

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