I don’t watch TV. I know, weird right? I missed Brittney’s *ahem* comeback performance. Yeah, I’ve seen it online. It was bad. Seriously though, she was never good in the first place. She was just a gyrating mass of over-exposed flesh. Honestly, I’ve read enough about the supreme awfulness of it and the pathetic people defending her. That’s the thing with Hollywood annoyances, they aren’t real and if you ignore them, they really will go away. Hollywood types survive on attention alone. It doesn’t matter if you are hurling vile insults at them with your acid tipped comments. How many times have you ever heard about an attention starved media icon? You don’t. It’s bad for ratings. They don’t care whether or not you like it, they just want you to watch. The train wreck factor applies in the the entertainment industry.
I do watch movies though. And I love a good anime. We’re up to 3 shelves of anime DVD’s. I have warned you that I am a nerd right? When the IRS paid back the interest free loan we gave them last year, we took the money and bought a high definition projector. It’s so cool. And there is just something seriously awesome about seeing the images of giant robots 3 feet tall. Ichigo’s sword really is freaking huge on a 91 inch screen painted on the wall. And the best part about it is, I never have to see an anime heroine 20 pounds over-weight prancing around in bikini that is 2 sizes too small. They would never draw her that way. It’s just not hot.

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