I’m in a decidedly sour mood today. There are biological reasons for this which I will not go into on the internet. Yes, I have standards of decency. Some things just should not be blogged about. Rather, I am going to apply my acerbic sentiments to stuff I read in the news.

Doctors may not start widely prescribing exercise as a depression treatment just yet. But for patients who are motivated to try exercise, it could be a reasonable option, the study authors say. Ref

Let’s get this straight. Studies are showing that there is a chemical free way to treat depression, but doctors would rather give patients a pill. Figures. Exercise is likely the magic solution to many problems plaguing the world and the US in particular, but it’s exceedingly difficult to profit monetarily from it. Sure there are health club memberships and equipment to sell, but that doesn’t create the returns that drugs and side effects do. I’m pretty sure the net worth of Merck is far higher than Gold’s gym. And yet you can treat obesity, depression, heart disease, and the dreaded muffin top syndrome without needles and chemicals by putting in some time at the gym.

And we move on to People magazine:

Alternative-rock icon Eddie Vedder spearheaded a ’90s Seattle musical sound around adolescent angst. Ref

Spearheaded? You’ve got to be kidding me. If by ‘spearheaded’, they mean ‘sanitized for the masses’ then I could buy that. Yes, Pearl Jam has sold a lot of albums. I suppose the voice coaching with the Swedish Chef really paid off for Mr. Vedder. But the alternative-rock icon that should be credited with spearheading the Seattle sound should be Kurt Cobain. Every generation has it’s music, 90’s rock just so happens to be the music of mine. Pearl Jam produced alternative rock for the mainstream, which is arguably the antithesis of everything alternative music was about. But at least he thinks he is a good father. We can all rest easy. Maybe he will stuff his mouth with cotton and produce another gem for us all.

Dissenting views are welcome. But as I have yet to receive any, I will continue to assume that I am right and everyone agrees with me.

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