Open Letter

To You*,

I haven’t seen you in some time.  I hear you’ve been upset.  I understand why.  Your life sucks right now and has for some time.  You continually blame other people but the fault is your own.  You use people in an attempt to bandage your own wounds.  You think the world owes you something.  Maybe it does.  But that thing is a swift kick in the ass.

I have watched you destroy yourself for most of my life.  I have forgiven your resentment of me when all I’ve done is not be an utter failure.  You resent it that I’ve done something with my life.  You know what?  You had every opportunity to be respectable.  You failed.  I’ve been too kind to just tell you to buck up and deal with it.

No one made you drop out of high school.  Steal cars.  Drive drunk.  No one forced you to use drugs.  You and you alone made those decisions.  That’s your bed.  Lie in it.

And then I heard that you hit her.  I don’t care what your excuses might be.  You of all people should know better.  You are bigger and stronger.  No, she did not have it coming.  Any man that would hit someone weaker than themselves is not worthy to be called a man.  You are a schmuck.  A scoundrel.  You aren’t worthy to wipe the mud off my shoes.

She loves you even though I can’t figure out why anymore.  Sure she could leave.  She hasn’t.  She has other connections, and she thinks she needs you.  You are supposed to be the stability in her life.  Ha!  She’s stupid for continuing to believe that.  Probably even for getting involved with you in the first place.

You are of the lowest order of human beings.  You who I once classified as one of the kindest people I knew.  I’m done.  I’ll not spare another thought worrying about your well-being.  When you raised your hand against her, you proved that you are not worthy of an ounce of my concern.  Nor even my pity.

I know that it isn’t the first time either.  I should have written you off long ago.  But I didn’t.  And the truth of the matter is that I won’t ever, really.  Because I have far more loyalty and class than you will ever muster, and you and I will always be connected whether I like it or not.  And so I will pray for you.  And I will pray for her that she gets out and finds better than you.  Being alone would be a big step up for her.  And I will pray that no other woman is ever charmed by you.

You lost my respect a long time ago.  You want it back?  Earn it.  Somehow, I just don’t believe you have it in you.  Don’t come looking for my sympathy.  It has run out.



*Yes, the You is referring to a very specific person that I do not wish to identify.  And the only way I could get him to read it would be to hand deliver the letter.  I’m not going to waste the energy and instead will share it on the internet.  Besides, unfortunately he isn’t the only one to whom the sentiment applies.

6 thoughts on “Open Letter”

  1. It’s the same guy, McThag. Or permutations of him. It’s like they read the same instruction manual: How to Be a Loser, in Three Easy, Self-Centered, Destructive Lessons.

  2. I can forgive just about anyone for just about anything, but if you get violent on those weaker then you, or under your care, dont look to me for help ever. I would literally not even pee on you if you were on fire!

    Spouse and child beaters are the lowest of the low, and should die painfully and slowly!

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