Blogger Camp Out!

Plans are under way for the first ever blogger camp out organized by yours truly and the EvylRobot.  If you will be (or can be) in the OKCish area for Labor Day and would like to be included, let me know.  Jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com.

Camping will be at our very own sooper secrit location with no amenities that you didn’t bring with you.  Although, there is a fast food restaurant and Dollar General not too far away.  It is beautiful and private.  There will be much laughing and hanging out and, of course, shooting.  And we can set up for some nice long distance shooting as well.

Contact me for more information!

4 thoughts on “Blogger Camp Out!”

  1. Jennifer,

    I would love to say that my Bride and I would be there but the first chemo is scheduled for Sept 1st.

    I’m not sure how she will tolerate the chemo.

    Will there be spots for drop in visitors or do we have to make reservations?

  2. I may be a little tired on Sunday after working the three nights before, but I wouldn’t miss it!

    Now I just have to hunt down the tent that’s somewhere in the garage… and find someone to keep an eye on my dogs for a day.

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