Emerson: Head Sticker

Yep, I was inspired.

In Emerson’s continuing attempt to be Sunny’s running mate, he has decided to submit this picture.

Emerson head sticker

He understands that it may cause some controversy, but feels it is still appropriate. Displaying his love for Cuties makes him more real to the voters. By displaying his personality, he dispels any question about being just another politician. It also shows that he is unashamed to proclaim his feelings whether by sticker or raspy purr.

As no vice presidential selection committee has been announced to the public, Emerson submits himself to be vetted by the blogosphere as a show of faith in the grassroots support of the candidacy.

3 thoughts on “Emerson: Head Sticker”

  1. I love Emerson’s bold confidence and feel like he is the perfect candidate for the v.p. Emerson has complete support from our ‘home cattery’ if he’s chosen to run on Sunny’s ticket. If not…I understand that Cato is also running the the Presidency.

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