Money Woes

Since hubby has become self-employed, we’ve had good weeks and skinny weeks.  Last week was a skinny week.  It happens.  We’ve got plenty of food in the freezer and didn’t starve. All the utilities are still on.

It has become apparent that Michael is going to need a laptop that is devoted to the business.  He needs something portable so he can use it in both his studio and when traveling.  Since the business is internet based, he simply cannot afford to be out of t0uch.  We had looked at several inexpensive used models, but decided that it would serve him better to purchase a new machine with a warranty and support.  We shopped around and found a machine that should be very competent for several years for a reasonable price.  A price which we currently cannot afford.  I mean with real money.

We were approved for a line of credit at the electronics store and there is plenty of room on the business credit card to go ahead and make the purchase, but we didn’t.  We learned a long time ago that going into debt is unsustainable.  A lesson, it seems, many bureaucrats need to learn.  Take the new school in LA for example.

We are all well aware of the fact that the state of California is broke and yet they can spend $578 Million on a luxury school.  Lets write that number out: $578,000,000.00.  All while the school district is laying off teachers and facing a budget short fall of $640 Million.  Hmm…  I think I have an idea where some of the money may have gone.  Just a guess.

They can’t afford it, but they bought it anyway.  They don’t even have a new revenue stream coming in the foreseeable future.  Nope.  It’s just more debt that they are pushing off onto their children.  And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they are asking the federal government to bail the state out of its money troubles.  Now remember kids, the money at the federal government is yours and mine.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem with them setting up some luxury school if they could afford it.  But that’s not what they did.  They are asking for my money (you know, that same money that can’t purchase a much needed laptop right this minute) to put a restaurant quality pizza oven in the school cafeteria.

This week looks to be a much better week.  We should be able to catch back up on bills and be purchasing that new laptop soon.  You know, when we can afford it.  Because we aren’t bureaucrats with our hands in your pockets.

4 thoughts on “Money Woes”

  1. Saw an article on that school in California this morning. Couldn’t believe it, even for CA. Good luck with everything. I’ll be praying for you guys.


  2. I got a refurbished Dell Latitude D610 laptop for $500. It was a business machine and is quite sturdy. A refurb might be your best approach.

  3. FWIW, I use a used IBM Thinkpad t41 with great success. They can be had refurbished on Amazon for around $200.00, or cheaper on fleabay. I bought a new battery for mine off newegg for under $30.00, and it’s good to go for most of the day.

    I run it very lean with windows XP, Open Office suite [love freeware] and it works wonderfully for me.

    Reliable. Portable. And very easy to buy on a tight budget. Look into it.

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