13 thoughts on “In Lieu of Actual Content”

  1. Do I eat all the colors or exclude some and refuse to eat them? Am I racist because I refuse to eat some, or am I racist because I eat some?

    Since I favor tea parties, I know the answer already: I am racist.

  2. depends on who you ask… If you’re asking me- I’d say you’re ordered and practical. If you ask a Liberal? definitely a racist… LOL 🙂 If you ask a therapist- OCD.

    1. Well we’ve all got to be careful about those green M&Ms.

      I eat them all. I just sort them and try not to eat 2 of the same color in a row. Affirmative action maybe.

      Of course, I also favor tea parties. So I must be racist.

  3. I’m not so worried about green M&Ms, but I tend to discriminate against purple Skittles.

    Not only do I sort M&Ms and Skittles by color, I line them up (in ROYGBIV order or from lightest to darkest, depending on available colors) and eat by color (preferably two at a time) until there is an even number of each color.

    So, I guess that’s a clear indication of both OCD and racist tendencies, huh? 😉

  4. If I treat some M&Ms better than the others, it is compensation. If I then treat the other M&M well it is racism.

    Eat all the M&Ms and let God sort them out.

    By the way: My OCD is CDO. It has to be in order alphabetically.

  5. Definitely OCD. I also sort my french fries by size, line them up next to each other, then eat them smallest to largest. Also, in our old apartment, I use to line up the hall rug with the shadow cast from our kitchen window. Like I said, definitely OCD.

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