Dog Days of Summer

Would not be complete without a dog. And so I am introducing the newest member of our household, Heidi.

She is a 5 month old Chihuahua mix. We don’t really know what she is mixed with-Shar-Pei maybe. She’s about half Chihuahua and half the neighbor’s dog did it.

She, along with her mother and siblings, had been dumped at the local PetCo. I don’t know what happened with the mother and siblings, but Heidi was taken as a foster by one of the PetCo employees. The local Chihuahua rescue was set up at PetCo on Saturday so he brought Heidi to hang out with them and hopefully find a permanent home. We saw her, loved her, and went home. We talked about it, cleaned out the living room, and went back for her.

Since we never have laid back Saturdays, she ran around town with us before seeing her new home. She visited F.Y.E and had dinner at a friend’s house. She even got to play with the friend’s horses and chase a few toads. (Which is really hilarious.) There were no puppy accidents at any of the places we visited. Hooray!

After bounding around and chasing the cat, she crashed out in my friend’s living room.

It really cracked me up when she twisted around, but the flash woke her up.

Apparently, her trip all over town and to the horse farm really wore her out. She crashed in the middle of the couch when we got home flanked by Michael and I and the cats. Emerson hisses at her and swats, but he hasn’t been using his claws. He’s just asserting his position as Alpha. I’m sure they will all get along just fine once the pecking order is established.

On Sunday, she found an old landscaping light in the yard which turned into silly antics.

She even ran around with it stuck over her muzzle like that. Sorry the picture is blurry, I was cracking up.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t really stuck. She was biting onto the socket inside the fixture.

After all the playing, it was time for a bath and the obligatory towel snuggle. Not even Ferrule could resist the serious cuddle action.

She has stayed quiet in her crate for each of the two nights that she has been with us so far. We’ve had 2 accidents, but she’s doing very well with that too. We now know that she will only do her business outside in front of an audience. Just letting her out in the back yard is not enough. We’ve also learned that she loves Dad. I’m sure there are many lessons to be learned in the next few weeks.

Isaac is out of town with his grandparents this week and does not yet know about the puppy. He’s going to be so excited. Best. Surprise. Ever.

UPDATE: For those of you on Dogster, here is the link to her page

9 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer”

  1. She’s adorable and a funny dog too. Looks like Ferrule hasn’t quite made up his mind but it’s good that he’s so close to her. She’s going to fit in just great. My cats get along with my 120lb Lab just fine(they have to look out that he doesn’t step on them though)

  2. I love dogs. When I was much younger and still living with my parents, I had a Pomeranian in which when I got home, I had to move really fast to get her from my room, carry her to the door and put her on the chain and let her out or else in the excitement, she’d go on the floor by my door. If I went to the bathroom first, I’d have a mess to clean up. 🙂

    Haven’t had a dog in 18 years now (apartment living) but still miss them.

  3. She is such a sweetie!!! Isaac is going to LOVE her! Every little boy needs a puppy. Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails y’know!

  4. It sounds like Heidi was right at home from the very moment you left Petco. She’s a wonderful addition. I think it’s so great that you opened your home and heart to this little sweetie. Isaac is definitely in for a fantastic surprise!

  5. Your house is now a home. It looks and sounds so complete. So glad that all the furry children are getting along. Many years of happiness to all.

  6. Woot! This is what happens when I leave town for 3 weeks? I did not know this! Molly’ll have to come down for a playdate! CONGRATS!

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