More Illegallererer

Nope.  The fisking of the anti isn’t here.  It’s here.

Noted quote:

He writes about “violence enacted by guns” as though the little suckers go gallivanting about of their own free will, just looking for someone to shoot. Guns do not kill people. Gun operators kill people. Whether out of malice or negligence, it takes human interaction for a gun to become lethal.

As they say, RTWT.  And comment.  Hubby enjoys the discussion.

2 thoughts on “More Illegallererer”

  1. I had to very slowly sound out that word in title. And I’m still not sure I counted the “er”s correctly. 🙂

    During the bloggershoot we were trading stories of all the malf’s our weapons were having. Not ONE – SINGLE – WEAPON had leapt out of its holster and run amok!

  2. A guy I used to work with was convinced that “guns kill people.” When asked, straight out, if that’s what he believed, he would adamantly proclaim that weapons were the culprits. One day, he ranted about this as I was standing in the office kitchenette. He ranted for a few, but suddenly stopped as I grabbed a butterknife from the drawer, slammed it into the counter a few times and made several disparaging comments regarding the knife’s heritage and maternal indescretions. I then yelled, “THERE! THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU ANGRY! STAB ME!” at which point I laid the knife on the counter, and crouched down, eye-to-eye, so to speak. Strangely, I emerged from the confrontation unscathed. I would have given my next paycheck to have had a camera to capture the look on his face.

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