Oh Boy! Reeducation!

Are you all ready for camp?  I’m so excited for the smores and ghost stories!

Oh, it’s not that kind of camp.  Well can I at least being my tin foil beanie?  Something tells me I’m going to need it after what current administration has to say.

With a number of polls showing a sustained level of opposition to the Democrats’ health care reform efforts more than five months after passage, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the Obama administration has “a lot of reeducation to do” heading into the midterms. [emphasis mine]

Reeducation huh?  I may not have the expensive alphabet soup after my name, but I can smell the BS in the health care propaganda.  And I mean the kind of BS you find in pastures, not institutions of higher learning although they can be hard to distinguish.

ABC news even provides this helpful bit about a recent poll the conducted.

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll, taken in July, 50 percent of Americans disapproved of the president’s handling of health care, with 45 percent saying they approved.  The level of disapproval was stronger than approval of the Obama administration’s actions.

50>45.  Gotcha.  Thanks for pointing that out.

To borrow a phrase from Dear Reader, let me be clear.  It is not that we don’t understand the health care bill.  It is that we don’t want the health care bill.  We don’t want yet another bloated bureaucracy sucking down tax dollars and creating onerous regulations that do nothing more than slow down the process of getting treatment.  I know, we’re supposed to believe that the new government agency will be a pillar of efficiency.




Have you been to the DMV lately?  The post office?  Perhaps social security?

We were shipping a holster recently and so had the pleasure of visiting our local post office.  Since these trips mean sales are being made, we tend to enjoy them in spite of USPS.  Well, the postal worker at the counter didn’t have much faith in the flat rate box they had provided and proceeded to wrap it in several yards of tape.  (Tam, if you are reading this, we really had nothing to do with your box becoming a postal tape cocoon.) She kept repeating the same thing, “It’s free; may as well use it.”  We watched in amazement as every inch save where the address was written was converted into some kind of blue and white mass of sticky and plastic.  At least we know that it couldn’t escape.  Or maybe it became a butterfly, but I digress.

It’s that phrase.  “It’s free; may as well use it.”  This is what is so concerning.  It’s not free. It’s an office supply in a government agency.  You and I bought that roll of packing tape.  Or, actually that roll of packing tape is just one of the many things steadily increasing the debt of this particular insolvent government enterprise.

What happens when health care is free?  May as well use it right?  I can be very clumsy at times.  I break toes on a regular basis.  Heck, I’ve got an entire category in the sidebar devoted to strange ways I’ve hurt myself.  I’m currently sporting a rather impressive bruise on my thigh that corresponds perfectly to the foot on an industrial sewing machine table.  I don’t tend to go to the doctor much.  Why should I pay him a copay when all he is going to do is tape the broken toe to the adjacent toe and tell me to take ibuprofen?  I can do that and save myself the money.  Do you want to be paying for my toe tape?

But what about when seeing the doctor is free?  Would I find myself sitting in front of a nurse like the previously mentioned postal worker?*  “It’s free; may as well use it.”  I’d probably wind up with gauze and tape up to my knee.

The health care bill does nothing to solve any of the problems in the medical industry.  It will not control costs.  It will not inspire people to suddenly take responsibility for themselves.  It will coddle them into a false sense of security all while giving up just one more piece of liberty.

Does Kathleen Sebelius intend to reeducate us out of all of our high risk behavior that leads to expensive medical treatments?  Or does she just intend to reeducate us on the proper role of government in our lives?

See you at camp!

*no, I wouldn’t find myself there.  I’d still be taping my toe at home.  I hate waiting in lines.

8 thoughts on “Oh Boy! Reeducation!”

  1. Hey, I just thought of something, I DO have those fancy, expensive letter after my name and it STILL sounds like BS to me.

    I think I need my money back from college. I came out with my ability to think still intact.

  2. Oh, yes, reeducation is just what we need. Bust out some Newspeak and throw the U.S. Constitution down the memory hole in one fell swoop.


  3. Reeducation Camp, isn’t that what the WW2 German’s called their camps as well, and we all know what happened in those camps! Anyway just my two cents.

  4. Should this be more than just a telling Freudian slip, I won’t be going to the camp, nor would those who came to take me be going home fully staffed.

  5. Does Kathleen Sebelius intend to reeducate us out of all of our high risk behavior that leads to expensive medical treatments? Or does she just intend to reeducate us on the proper role of government in our lives?

    Those are not mutually exclusive so she can try to do both.

    Good luck on that Kathy baby!

    Please note that you’ve been found and will be linked accordingly. Maybe we can be on the same kitchen detail at camp!

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