Southern Style Granite, Hard Core Bigotry

Came across this note over at Ambulance Driver’s place.  Apparently, there’s a granite place down in the Baton Rouge area called Southern Style Granite that has a big problem with gays.

And that’s fine.  They are allowed.  They can even refuse to do business with anyone they choose.  Of course, I can also refuse to do business with bigots.  Considering that granite places tend to do a lot of business with interior designers, they’re kind of shooting themselves in the foot here.  I don’t believe in forcing tolerance by force of law, but I do fully support any individuals desire to move their dollars elsewhere.  It’s the beauty of the free market.  I choose not to do business with bigots like Southern Style Granite.

In my experience, ‘southern style’ certainly does not equate to ‘exclusion.’  In fact, southerners tend to be the most hospitable people around.  Generally when a southerner thinks there is something wrong with they way you are living, they’ll bless your heart and pray for you.

Southern Style Granite is nothing like this.  Southern Style Granite is a den of bigotry.

Feel however you want about a person’s actions.  Believe what ever you want about their lifestyle.  You can find out more about Southern Style Granite actions here.  Not that I would have given Southern Style Granite my business anyway, but I can do my part to get the word out.  People should know who they are dealing with.

2 thoughts on “Southern Style Granite, Hard Core Bigotry”

  1. it later turned out that “The point I made and keep making is that Kevin and Co. were NOT refused service. The owner offered to sell Kevin granite, he didn’t want any.

    So the story here is about people throwing a hissy fit when they don’t have facts.


    Calls for shunning people who think different than you do = Bigotry.


    After further review, the story is one of Ignorance & Bigotry in a gay flame war. Sad.

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