I’m On The List

Hooray! I made TrackerK’s Do Not Kill List! Which is a definite relief since I’m pretty sure that he has something in his Swiss Army truck that would make certain they would never find the body. Hard to blame him though. He’s got a little girl that is so cute she’ll make your teeth hurt. Good reason to be prepared for anything. Although, I’m pretty sure she and her big brothers would be pretty formidable even without dad. I got to see them all shoot, and I haven’t ever had the pleasure of seeing them fight.

I kid. But I have to admit I have a soft spot for dangerous women. TrackerK is married to one and is raising another. And a pair of boys that should grow into men deserving of dangerous women to share their lives.

We also got to spend time with Ginny who ostensibly writes Cat O’ Nine Tales, but in reality she just neglects it*. She also brought her boys who were, as usual, a joy to be around.

Also in the bunch was my brother-in-law (who should blog but doesn’t*) and his wife (also not blogging*). Brother-in-law assassinated a watermelon which was videoed by old friend Beej’s friend, Brian. The video is up on Facebook; I’ll have it here with the pictures later.

By the time we got to the big field on Monday, we were down to just DanielS and AEPilotJim, but we still had fun stretching out the rifles for a bit. And we only started one grass fire. It actually went out on its own before the guys could get to it, but it made for some great pictures of the trek across the field in Jim’s jeep.

This was only the second opportunity we’ve had to spend time with DanielS and AEPilotJim. It was really nice to get to know these 2 guys in the smaller group that finished out the trip. Daniel left straight from camp to head home, but we got the opportunity to introduce Jim to a fantastic burger joint near our house. Where he cunningly snagged the ticket and treated the family. Thanks Jim!

The campout was great fun. I’ll have pictures to share soon.

*That could be interpreted as a nudge or something.

2 thoughts on “I’m On The List”

  1. “But I have to admit I have a soft spot for dangerous women.”

    I’ll keep my many dirty comments to myself.

    Unless you ask to hear them.

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