“Free” Healthcare is Far From Free

I am so tired of hearing the moonbats prattle on and on about how much they are looking forward to the Obamanation because then they will get free health care.  Wake up people!  This isn’t free.  It’s yet another tax.  You will pay for it straight out of your paycheck.  It will come off of your dinner table.  Along with the money to end global poverty that he keeps touting.

Government run “free” health care is something none of us can afford.  It will only inspire abuses of the system that drive costs through the roof.  And God forbid you are diagnosed with a chronic disease like cancer or diabetes.  Then they will put you on the ever-so-efficient waiting list.  No that’s not sarcasm, it IS efficient.  The waiting list is cost effective too.  While you are on the waiting list, no one is paying out from the public health care till, but you are still paying in.  Hopefully, before you actually make it to the top of the list, you will have gotten better or died.  That way they never have to pay out for your care.  It’s brilliant.  We all know that the only sure things are death and taxes, socialized health care is combining the two.

Yes, the health care system in the United States is broken, but nationalizing it is not the answer.  The government is corrupt and bloated as it is.  Making it even larger would only serve to push us farther down the path to socialism.  There is a simple and cost effective way to fix it, but the government will never do it.  Deregulate it.  Let the insurance companies compete across state lines.  And by all means, do not force anyone to buy into it.

You heard me right.  Don’t compel people to get health insurance.  Let the insurance companies sell their services, not the government.  Instead of regulating health insurance, regulate cost of services.  When I walk into the doctor’s office, I should be charged the same price for treatment as is charged to the insurance company.  There is no good reason for the insurance company to get a 60% reduced rate.  We all know what that really means.  It means that the ‘self-pay’ rate has been inflated by 30%.  I shouldn’t have to pay more for routine treatment just because I decided to opt out of health insurance premiums. If I walk into the emergency room without the ability to pay, I should be turned away unless a private charity is willing to foot the bill.

I want the option to plan for my own medical expenses.  If I choose a medical plan that only covers major medical, fine.  If I want a full coverage plan, that’s fine too.  If I choose to forgo either and put the money in a rainy day fund, I shouldn’t be penalized for that.

Even after my employer foots a large chunk of my medical insurance premium, I still pay $120 per paycheck.  That’s $240 per month to cover my family.  That doesn’t include dental which I pay for separately.  Do you know how many times I went to the doctor last year?  Once.  Husband and son?  Never.  That is pretty standard for my household.  Instead of paying that money to my insurance company, I should be able to put it in a savings account.  It will still be there if and when I need it.  Instead of being tied to my employer’s plan, I should be able to shop for a competitively priced major medical only plan.  Or maybe major medical and prescription drugs.  The point is that I should be able to shop the free market for competitive rates for only those services that I need. Those competitively priced plans don’t currently exist due to a startling lack of competition.

I actually like McCain’s plan for the most part.  Unlike Elizabeth Edwards, I don’t think it is unfair to charge more for those of higher risk.  I am smart enough to look at the facts and structure my insurance accordingly.  Competition will lower cost across the board.  I want to be in charge of where my money is spent.

The Obamessiah does not know what’s best for me, and I resent his assumption to the contrary.  I don’t need a Robin Hood stealing money from the rich (like the guy that signs my paycheck) and giving it to the poor (likely not me).  I am happy to give to charities that actually make a difference, but I do not work so hard for my paycheck only to see it go to handouts and entitlements.  Beware of big promises, someone is always paying the bill.

4 thoughts on ““Free” Healthcare is Far From Free”

  1. There is no such thing as “free” healthcare, but there is such a thing as healthcare that someone else pays for.

    Who are they kiddin’? The 50% of the country that pays no income tax will be the same 50% who pay little or no healthcare costs. The rest of us will pick up the tab.

    I work in the IT department at a hospital. Several hospitals, actually. We don’t work for free. The doctors don’t work for free. The folks in the kitchen don’t work for free. Companies like GE and Siemens don’t give away CT scanners and MRI machines for free.

    Hospitals want socialized medicine or national health insurance or whatever because it’s a source of revenue. A billing address. A potential source of payment for services that would otherwise go unpaid.

  2. Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. My brother (and I) qualifies for Indian Health Services. He was having horrible pain in a tooth. He went in to the “free” dental clinic where they decided to PULL the tooth. He was 24 years old. It was a molar.

    He called my mom who told him to RUN away from them and go to another dentist where she would pay for the service.

    Free does not equal good or better. Nor does it equal free.

    It scares me how easy people fall for this “free” bribe of health insurance. Because it is NOT free health CARE it’s just insurance being offered and paid for by the government (aka the PEOPLE).

    This just depressed me. *sigh*

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