Random Dialogue

I had this odd bit of dialogue just pop into my head. It’s part of a bigger story that’s been rattling around in there for a while. Maybe if I drop this here it will inspire me to get back into that world and finally flesh it out.

Clarence: Check out what I found!

Annie: Another clock?

Clarence: Look, this one still works.  All I’ve got to do is replace the glass.

Annie: What do you need with another clock? That’s like the fourth one this week.

Clarence: I can’t believe people just throw these things away.  It’s still good.

Annie: Are you even listening to yourself? To me?

Clarence: This one even has the pendulum. I won’t even have to mock up a power source.

Annie: Sure, but what are you doing with all these things?

Clarence: I fix them and spread them around. Different places in the quad.

Annie: Wait.  What?

Clarence: Someone will find it.

Annie: Let me get this straight.  You are picking up broken clocks, fixing them, and then leaving them for people to just find.

Clarence: Exactly.  Do you know what time it is?

Annie: Yeah it’s… A man obsessed with clocks doesn’t know the time? The Tower says 10 minutes ’til lights out.

Clarence: I don’t trust The Tower. It just counts down to the next arbitrary point. That’s not Time; it’s control.

Annie: But clocks are okay?

Clarence: Clocks are different.  They are like history.  You look at a clock to orient yourself at a specific moment in time.  A clock is like a connection to freedom.  I can decide at what hour I wake, eat, and sleep. That’s why I leave them for people.  So they can connect to their point in history too. Besides, The Tower changes. I think ‘lights out’ has been happening earlier and earlier since Michelle disappeared.

Annie: Not that again. Look, we all miss Michelle, but she’s been gone for two years now. She didn’t ‘disappear,’ she’s dead. She went outside the wall. No one can survive out there.

Clarence: You can believe whatever you’d like. I know she’s still out there.

Annie: Why does Time matter to you so much anyway? They’re going to shut down the grid when the countdown hits zero, regardless of what your clocks say.

Clarence: What if I told you the sun still shines outside the wall?

Annie: I’d tell you you’d better get home and take your meds. You’ve been reading too much ancient history again. I’ve got to get going anyway. If I’m not in my rack in five, I’ll be stumbling in the dark.

Clarence: Be careful out there, Annie. My offer still stands.

Annie: As does my decline. This place creeps me out when the lights go out.

So, there it is. A window into the world building in my head.


12 thoughts on “Random Dialogue”

  1. “What if I told you the sun still shines outside the wall?” reminded me of Kamina’s insane ranting about the surface in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann episode 1.

    Kamina was absolutely, completely, bonkers insane, and everything he said was ludicrous.

    Everything he said also turned out to be 100% true.

      1. It was a 2007 anime by Gainax, the studio behind Neon Genesis Evangelion. Where Evangelion was a deconstruction of mech anime tropes, TTGL is a reconstruction, where the laws of physics take a backseat to whatever would be the most awesome.

        The series starts in a small underground village where nobody but a solitary loud-mouthed madman even believes in the existence of a “sky,” and ends with an all-out brawl between two mechs so enormous they use galaxies and universe-spawning explosions as thrown weapons without even seeming absurd.

        Clarence reminds me of a considerably more level-headed Kamina.

          1. The mood of the two pretty much couldn’t be further apart, but they are both favorites of mine.

          2. Oh, and that standoff in episode 1, where Kamina prepares to attack a giant mech with nothing but a nodachi? According to the creators, Kamina was GOING TO WIN before Yoko showed up.

            I think I’ve spotted the series on Netflix, and I got the DVD box set from Best Buy about 2 years ago.

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