A Response to the 10/10 Wackos


Check out what my friend the Warrior Geek and his family were up to while we enjoyed festivities at Phlegmmy’s.

Go here for the story with pics and here for the video.

I highly recommend it.  Truly the only appropriate way to respond to that eco fantasy snuff garbage they’ve been spewing.

Don’t be stupid.  Of course we intend to resist.

All I can add to that is-We don’t plan to start any fight, but we are prepared to finish one.  Do you really want to poke that bear?

3 thoughts on “A Response to the 10/10 Wackos”

  1. Its like I tell my boys – you are to never throw the first punch** but you BETTER throw the last!!

    **I have given permission to throw the first one in defense of someone else 😉

    AMEN Mike W!!

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