Remind Me, Which Party is Full of Intolerant Homophobes?

Is it the one that sued to stop Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell?

Or is it the one appealing a judge’s ruling preventing the US government from blocking same-sex marriages?

Take your time.

Surely this administration hasn’t been making empty promises to secure a voting base.  Certainly not placating voters and capitalizing of the politics of fear.


If that were true, they could just send the Black Panthers out to polling places…

6 thoughts on “Remind Me, Which Party is Full of Intolerant Homophobes?”

  1. I like I’m not gonna ask / you shouldn’t feel obligated to tell.

    Unless I’m boinking you I don’t need to know your preference. If you like my gender then w00t for you. If you don’t, then you don’t. W00t for you.

    If you have to sing out that you like your own gender at every possible opportunity then you have issues. Most people don’t care. If I don’t care, don’t make it an issue. Don’t make an effort to make yourself a victim.

    1. If it was I’m not gonna ask / you shouldn’t feel obligated to tell, that would be one thing. But getting the boot when someone else outs you? I have a problem with that.

  2. I’m encouraging widespread indifference. My indifference is at the “violent indifference” level. Or it would be if I gave a damn.


    Yes, society needs to adjust. If no one cares, you don’t get the boot.

    Oh. Boot. Military. You are over your quota!

  3. Believing anything a politician tells you before the election is stupid. Actions (aka votes) matter, not words.

    What I can’t figure out his why Obama is even fighting this. All he has to do is get out of the way and the courts take care of it for him. I can’t believe he cares about gays in the military one way or another.

    The Obama Justice (ha!) Dept doesn’t seem to mind selectively enforcing the law. The California government actively torpedoed the anti-gay marriage proposition and then refused to appeal the decision. There is precedent, so why is Obama just not letting DADT die? I have no idea.

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