The Espresso Martini

I mentioned it yesterday.  Today you get to see it.  Hubby made them last night.

Each Martini consists of one shot of espresso shaken with Svedka and garnished with…


Everything is better with bacon.

Please excuse the bare lightswitch, the kitchen has been in remodel for some time now.

The martinis were actually pretty good, but they were lacking something.  I think a touch of agave nectar might be just the ticket.  The experimentation continues.

7 thoughts on “The Espresso Martini”

  1. Awesome Michael!! *does that help any Jennifer?* Actually I think this is worth perfecting. We all love coffee and we all love bacon. I created a drink on my own and have been sharing it with friends off and on for some time. It seems to be one much preferred by women. I call it a ‘Hazelmeister’. It consists of two parts Chilled Jaegermeister, one part Hazelnut non-dairy creamer over ice. Mmmmmm..yummy but probaby kinda high-cal.

  2. found a quote i thought you’d like as i did:

    Noir comme le diable,
    Chaud comme l’enfer,
    Pur comme un ange,
    Doux comme l’amour.


    Black as the devil,
    Hot as hell,
    Pure as an angel,
    Sweet as love.
    – Recipe for Coffee
    by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord (1754-1838)

    coincidentally, he’s also attributed with saying ‘it is the beginning of the end.’

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