Let Them Eat (Yellow)Cake

Mmm, everyone loves cake right?  Especially the Canadians.  It is even better if its special Iraqi yellowcake.  550 metric tons of yellowcake should satisfy the craving.  The concentrated natural uranium arrived in Montreal on Saturday.

What?  There was Five Hundred and Fifty metric Tons of concentrated uranium in Iraq!  Bu..bu..bu..but there weren’t supposed to be any weapons of mass destruction over there.  That’s what the media tells us anyway.  It was all a super evil lie by BushHitler, right?  Because Bush is both an idiot and a criminal mastermind of the likes never even seen in comic books.

Granted, yellowcake is only the seed material for nuclear enrichment.  It is not considered weapons grade, but could certainly cause some damage if blown up.  Not to mention mass hysteria. I don’t know about you, but I’m betting that good ‘ol Saddam had something less than benevolent in mind for this stuff.

But now it is in Ontario to be used for that oh-so-scary nuclear power.  The yellowcake is set to become clean energy.  Maybe if our wonderful Congress that everyone loves had gotten off their asses, we could have gotten a piece of the energy cake.  Way to earn that single digit approval rating!

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