We Were On The News

So, we were on the local news last night

It’s over halfway through the broadcast. Study Aim Fire is the segment. I haven’t been able to trim it down to the applicable part.  Updated: Go to the 7:10 mark.  Thanks Don!  Updated Again: This should be the trimmed video.  Let me know if there are problems.

I think they did a pretty good job actually. Even if I do seem to make funny faces on camera. I’ve got some behind the scenes photographs from filming at the range.  Yes, rules were broken to do those angles.  Extra precaution was taken to ensure it was done safely.

I believe it is very important to educate your children about firearms.  Making them some kind of taboo will not work.  Even if you can completely prevent them from getting their hands on a firearm in your home, you cannot keep it from happening in friends’ homes.  You absolutely must teach them how to be safe so tragic accidents* can be prevented. Start with what Eddie Eagle says, “STOP.  Don’t Touch.  Leave the Area.  Tell an Adult.”

I am confident that if my son were to run across a gun at a friend’s house, or in a ditch where some criminal has discarded it, he would not play with it.  He would not be unsafe.  He would not hurt himself or anyone else.  He knows that although they can be fun when used appropriately, guns are not toys.

Please, teach your children.  It is important.  Quite literally, a life or death matter.

*In spite of what the media will tell you, accidents involving firearms are actually very rare.  Your swimming pool is far more likely to kill a child than a firearm.  And yet, no one thinks it is controversial to teach kids to swim.

UPDATED TO ADDStranger just published numbers on the percentage of people harmed by in home gun accidents

Update II: Here’s the story on KFOR

7 thoughts on “We Were On The News”

  1. That’s awesome, Jennifer!

    I love the comparison that you draw with swimming pool accidents in your write up, too. Same analogy would hold true for teen driving, or even something as simple as teaching your kid to ride a bike safely.

  2. ” Even if I do seem to make funny faces on camera. ”

    You didn’t make funny faces. But your accent is completely indecipherable.

    *big grin*

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