The Dog!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted about Heidi.  Thought you might enjoy this silly picture.

The wrinkled face just lends itself to silliness.

She went to the vet to have her reproductive parts removed today.  The vet’s office called and said that she came through just fine.

I fully expect to pick up a very pathetic puppy this evening.  She’s quite the drama queen.

Last week, she jumped off the cat tree.  (Yeah, it was my fault that she was up there.  Now she climbs it on her own, but that’s another story.)  Apparently she hurt her foot in the fall.  She yelped and I immediately picked her up to check it out.  She was fine.  The joints all moved easily and there was no bruising or swelling.  She proceeded to cry.  And cry.  I set her on the couch where she laid down and held the injured foot up.  Hubby even had to carry her outside for her last bathroom stop before putting her to bed.  Apparently, I broke the dog.

She was still limping the next morning.  One problem though, it was on the wrong foot.  Goofy drama queen.  It’s a good thing she’s cute.  I think a crown would be more appropriate, but the goggles are just funny.  If I can find the right caption, maybe I’ll put it on a t-shirt.

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