Armed, Not So Dangerous

Well I finally got my license.  It had been ten and a half weeks since I filed my paperwork, but it is finally here.  Today, I am carrying a loaded .357 magnum.  Ok, actually it has Federal Hydroshock .38+p’s in it, but I really don’t think the bad guy will fault me for the difference. I am now officially scary to the anti crowd.  I was scary before, but now I am down right terrifying.

Contrary to what most gun-control advocates believe, I don’t hate or hold them in any sort of disdain.  Sure, I may make fun of the anti’s on a regular basis, but really I just see them as misinformed.  If someone chooses not to own a gun, that is fine.  I will choose to seek the training necessary to handle my firearms appropriately.  I don’t have a problem with someone choosing not to own a gun, where I have a problem is with someone wanting to deny me that choice.

I really hate the fact that the culture has equated gun ownership with a type of criminal mindset.  There are far more responsible gun owners out there than the media portrays.  The kindest, most trust-worthy people I have ever met have been at the gun range.  It’s one a few places that I am not afraid to leave my purse unattended.  And not because I have the means to defend myself.  It is because the caliber of people that frequent the establishment.  Gun owners tend to believe that life is what you make it and you earn everything you have.  They would not think for a moment about simply stealing the things they wish they had.  I really wish open carry was legal so that people could see how many perfectly normal, respectable people choose to arm themselves.

A handgun is like an insurance policy.  You hope and pray that you never have to use it for it’s designed purpose.  I personally hope that I am never in a situation that would require me to shoot someone.  That would be terrible.  But it would be far less terrible to shoot a criminal than to stand by helplessly while my child was attacked.  The use of deadly force is not something to be taken lightly.

Does having a loaded weapon on me make me safe?  Absolutely not!  It is no excuse to ignore the signs around me.  It does not make me safe any more than a fire extinguisher prevents fires.  It does give me an option if I do find myself in that situation.

No one would ever argue that there was no reason to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  No would think to site the fact that we have fire-fighters trained and ready to deal with a fire and so therefore I need not protect myself from the flames.  And yet that is the very thing the anti-gun crowd is asking me to do about crime.  Of course we have police trained and ready to fight crime, but they are not likely to be sitting on the foot of my bed when a brick comes flying through my window.  An officer is probably not going to be standing in that dark parking lot when the mugger is hiding behind that next cargo van.

I would love to live in a world without the risk of such scenarios, but the fact is that we don’t.  Maybe if the criminals start to believe that there are real and immediate consequences to their actions, the world will get closer to that.

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