Friday Fluff: Confession Time!

Look at this comic.

How many of you just spun your office chair?

Be honest.

You know you at least thought about it.

Me?  I thought about it.  Might still do it.  But I am still wildly entertained by the idea of challenging coworkers to a spin off.  The mental image alone is making me giggle.

Fridays should always have stumbling coworkers.  If you must resort to spin induced stumbling, then that’s what you do.  There are other methods, however.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fluff: Confession Time!”

  1. Back in the Air Force, we used to have buffer-riding contests. Stand on the buffer, turn it on and spin with it as the cord ties your legs to the handle. The goal was to ride long enough to pull the plug from the wall and remain upright.

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