Mr. President, Your Narcissism is Showing


Not that it’s anything new.

Jake Tapper notices something odd in a little exchange the other day.

MR. KANSAGRA:  Thank you.  Welcome, Mr. President, to India.  As a fellow Kenyan, I’m very proud to see that you have made —

THE PRESIDENT:  Made something of myself.  (Laughter.)

MR. KANSAGRA: — India as the focus of your drive for exports out of the U.S.

Tapper cocks an eyebrow to a bit of birther fodder, but I see something far more telling.  Dear Reader interrupts the CEO of Spice Jets to finish his sentence for him.  And he assumes that it was all about him as opposed to the on topic policy observation.

Oh yeah!  Of course this CEO who actually runs a successful business is going to say that the Community Organizer from around the block made good.  Unless, of course, he isn’t.  You’d think with ears like that, he would have noticed that the adoring crowds are getting quieter.

You see, Mr. President, it’s not all about you.  I know when you campaigned it was all about your pedestal and columns, but it has been time to actually do the job for 2 years now.  Now the people are seeing the facade.  It takes more than pomp and Styrofoam to hold up your ego these days.  Sure, there are still some children* fawning over your new clothes, but this last election should have told you that the adults aren’t buying it.  The gravitational pull of your grossly swollen head may seem impressive, but the gas giant is losing moons.

*yes, children.  Anyone who wishes to be supported by someone other than themselves is a child regardless of how many birthdays they have celebrated.

3 thoughts on “Mr. President, Your Narcissism is Showing”

  1. I also notice that the teleprompter Jesus didn’t correct him about being “a fellow Kenyan”

    Or maybe Obama doesn’t know the difference between Kenyan and Keynesian.

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