My Dog Needs An Intervention PICs Added

The spoiled princess pup is recovering nicely from the removal of her reproductive parts.  As predicted, she was pathetic when we picked her up.

When the tech went back to retrieve her, we could hear her scampering and barking in the back.  As soon as she came through the door and saw us, her ears dropped.  She was no longer ambulatory.  She just flopped on the ground and gave me the sad look.  I’m a sucker for the sad look, and so I picked her up.  She then buried her head in my hair and cried.  She cried all the way home.

When we got home, I placed her near her water which she refused to drink.  She just sat in front of it and looked sad.  I gave her the pain meds assuming that she would go ahead and drink once she felt better.  Wrong!  Instead, she curled up on my lap and whimpered for the rest of the evening.  I decided that I didn’t really want to chance a dehydrated drama queen, I again attempted to entice her to drink.  I placed her on the floor with the water bowl right at her nose.  It wasn’t good enough.  I did get her to drink however.  I was successful in getting her to drink water that I dripped off of my fingers into her mouth.  Why yes, my back IS sore after being wrapped around her little paw.

She does seem to be feeling better and is now eating and drinking without assistance.  She is even taking her pain meds without resistance.  Actually, she’s a little too fond of her pain medication.  Last night, she was obviously suffering from some slight discomfort and I went for her meds only to find them missing.  Assuming I had misplaced them, as I tend to do with things, I went looking through the house.  They were no where to be found.

That is, until I looked into her crate.  There, tucked into the very back under the towel, was a little blue bottle with a torn label.  I’m no CSI, but the marks strongly resemble puppy bite marks.  (I will add a picture of the bottle later, you be the judge.)  Thankfully, the lid is not only child-proof, but puppy-proof as well.  Although I think I may have a problem if the puppy princess has begun hoarding pills.  And I thought Valium was the primary choice of drama queens.

The Evidence:

Below the fold, Heidi being pathetic

Please ignore the hideous fabric on the chair.  It is actually a very cool Eames style in desperate need of reupholstery.  It was a steal, bad fabric not withstanding.

and tucking her head in

11 thoughts on “My Dog Needs An Intervention PICs Added”

  1. Does Dr. Phil know about this? And, following up on Michael’s thought:

    She’s also a prettier dog than the likes of Paris Hilton!

    You really should have taken Paris along with you to get her sterilized. Lawd knows the world doesn’t need any more feral Hilton spawn running around breeding rampantly and wantonly.

  2. Bad fabric? Oh. Thanks for pointing it out. Looks okay to me!

    Spaying and neutering are important. Takes a couple of days to recover though. We never used pain meds. It was just the aftereffect from being put under that kept the dogs seemingly depressed, disoriented.

  3. See, they give you pain meds so the dog isn’t uncomfortable. Since the dog isn’t uncomfortable, she wants to run and jump and play. The vet says not to let them run and jump and play because they may hurt themselves, or pop stitches, or whatever. If we didn’t give her the pain meds, she wouldn’t want to run and jump and play, and wouldn’t risk popping out stitches. So now I ask, why are we giving the dog pain meds? Sheesh!

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