Real Security Suggestion

Do it like Texas.

We’ve all been talking about the ineptitude of the TSA.  JayG and Gay_Cynic even got together and wrote a joint post about it.  You’ve seen my suggestions of how to handle it if you are picked for groping.

But this is my suggestion for the airports.  You know airports can opt of using TSA all together right?

So hire your own security, and do it like Texas.  Everyone that has been through the local, state, and FBI background check to qualify to carry a concealed firearm gets waived through.  Concealed weapon and all.  This will increase the efficiency because a number of people won’t need to be scanned and can just bypass the whole mess.  The only reason not to do this would be if the system is specifically intended to inconvenience the law abiding.

Actual security would be provided at no additional cost to the airline, the passengers, or the tax payers.  We’ve already seen that airline passengers are willing and ready to take on a potential terrorist.  Why not trust the same people that are trusted on the ground to do the same thing in the sky?  And yes, explosive decompression is a myth.  Mythbusters busted that one already.

Conceal carry permit holders have already been screened far more thoroughly than the TSA employees themselves.  It’s only logical that I should be afforded the ability to protect myself just as well in the air as I am on the ground. Unless, of course, the goal of the TSA and DHS has nothing at all to do with security.  Maybe the real truth of the matter is that the goal of the TSA is normalize the herding of people as though we were cattle.  Maybe the goal has far more to do with compliance than protection.  It’s for your own good after all.

We are not cattle.

5 thoughts on “Real Security Suggestion”

  1. Jennifer, I’d be interested in a link to information about a CHL bypass of security screening here in Texas. I had a CHL which I let lapse. That would be a good reason in my book to go get it renewed.

  2. I’ve said it before elsewhere. What the TSA is doing is not about security – it’s about control. If they were truly benevolently looking out for the security of people they would be looking for far better ways such as the methods the Israelis use.

  3. This is a serious deterrent to flying. The gov’t will find ways to make it worse. Fewer people will fly. Airlines will fail.

    “We can’t have that! Airlines are to big to fail!”

    The gov’t takes over airlines…

  4. Two years ago I showed my CHL as my photo ID at the security drone altar, simply because it was on top of my DL in my wallet, hence first when I pulled one out. Drone looked askance at me and said “You’re not carrying a gun through here, are you?”.

    No, silly Drone. I had to check it through as baggage because of your stupid rules.

    Wife had the idea of making everyone strip to skin at the gate, then issuing them an army blanket and a KaBar. It seems like a perfectly workable plan to me. You can pick up your bagged clothing at the arrival gate and return the blanket and knife.

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