Is Anyone Really This Naive?

News story here.

Apparently, a grown man would answer ads placed of Craigslist offering babysitting services.  He would contact them posing as the father of a severely autistic boy that needed care for his son.  He would then pose as the severely autistic boy, complete with diaper, to satisfy some odd sexual desires.


Seems like a fairly creative scam there.  But I want to know who in their right mind thinks that the father of a severely disabled child would put him in a taxi at two in the morning to be delivered to the home of a babysitter that he’d never personally met?  If you believed that the ‘boy’ really was so severely autistic, why would you not call the authorities right then?  At the very least it looks like a case of neglect right on the surface.

Some alarm bells should be clanging very loudly in this person’s head.

What kind of parent would be searching Craigslist for a babysitter for this obviously special needs situation?  And no interview.  Most parents of special needs children that I know are especially cautious about caregivers for their children.  My son isn’t special needs and yet I’d never let him stay with someone I hadn’t met.  I’ve always gotten personal recommendations for his caregivers if they weren’t already friends or family.

If I had an ad placed on Craigslist offering babysitting services (which I never would), I’d be very suspicious of any parent that didn’t want a personal interview.  And yet the victim here kept him a few times before finally deciding to call the authorities.

Formula?  I might could buy severe mental impairment, but that would not explain why a 19 year old boy would still be drinking formula.  Formula is designed for the specific nutritional needs of infants, not adults.

Hmm.  There are just way too many things that just don’t make sense here.

Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but I think there is more to this story.  Maybe some kind of kink gone sour.  Either that, or this lady is the most naive person on the planet.  Bless her heart.

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