Rudolph Sing-A-Long

Oh the things that break out in the GunBloggerConspiracy.  This was in response to this post.

<JayG>: heh
<JayG>: Rudolph jerky

<InJennifersHead>: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Had very tasty backstrap
<InJennifersHead>: and if you ever smoked it. You would stand up and clap
Salamander>: All of the other reindeers want to be a tasty snack.
<InJennifersHead>: They want to be like Rudolph. Served with a side of Jack
<InJennifersHead>: Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa Came to say
<JayG>: and if you ever cured it, you would even say it wasn’t crap
<JayG>: (okay, that was bad)
<JayG>: Yours is much better
<Salamander>: hehe
<InJennifersHead>: Rudolph with your spices right! Won’t you be my dish tonight
Salamander breaks out in thunderous applause.
<InJennifersHead>: then how the children loved him. As the shouted out more please <InJennifersHead>: Yippee!
<Salamander>: Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer, may I have seconds, please?
<InJennifersHead>: Rudolph the slow smoked Reindeer. You’ll go great with this swiss cheese!!!

Couldn’t be outdone by Jay and his 12 Days of Gunnie Christmas after all.

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