Those Seven Little Words

Have I mentioned that I really, really love my husband? Cause I do.

We are in Houston this week. I am staying with my wonderful cousin Kay and exploring the city with no schedule what-so-ever.

Yesterday, we braved the traffic insanity and headed back to the Houston Galleria. We had lunch a Ninfa’s with Ginny of Cat O’Nine Tales. She and her children are fabulous, and I hope to get together with them again sometime. Maybe next time I will get to show her around my stomping ground. We would hang out all the time and snark at crowds if it weren’t for the darn 7 hour drive.

This is the three of us after lunch.
Online to Real Life

Her children are lovely as well, but I am not publishing that picture. Our sons would have been fast friends but we didn’t bring ours on this trip. Sometimes you’ve got to have an adult getaway.

And then we shopped. We browsed the opulent clearance racks of Saks and fondled the Prada lovelies. We bypassed Neiman Marcus (which Ginny called ‘Needless Markup’-awesomeness). We marveled at the strange and yet compelling display of artwork made of Red Bull cans. Just wow! I can’t believe anyone has the patience to do this. It was very difficult to photograph, but here’s what I got.

The Art of the Can

And then we found The Wild Pair. You do realize that I have a weakness for fabulous shoes. Especially stilettos. And stilettos on sale! This is utopia.

Hubby found these for himself. Obviously, not stilettos.
Hubby's new shoes

And I spotted these lovelies.
Beautiful new shoes

Mmm. Yellow snake-skin three-and-a-half inch stilettos born in Paris! Squeal! And metallic pink leather three-and-a-half inch stilettos from Italy. Oh the joy.

And then my husband uttered the seven little words that guarantee that he gets laid:

I think you should get them both

I love this man. And he doesn’t even care that my shoes make me taller than he is.  Here is his take on today’s adventures.

4 thoughts on “Those Seven Little Words”

  1. What a great time we had, Jen! Your hubby is a real trooper. We need to hook up with mine sometime and hit the firin’ range! Maybe I can talk hubby into renting the .50-cal Desert Eagle again…

    PS.–You were right; my last entry snagged a troll. I tried being nice but he/she wasn’t having any of that. You know, it’s an interesting feeling knowing you have the power to make someone “go away.” Still, if I p***ing someone off, I must be doing something right, no?

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