Long Night Lunar Eclipse

So we got the kiddo up in the middle of the night to watch the lunar eclipse.  We wrapped him up in a warm coat and served him up some hot cocoa.  All so he could see this.

You can see the album here.

We wouldn’t normally pry the sleeping kiddo out of bed, but this hasn’t happened in 400 years so we figured it was worth it.  Besides, we’re on staycation. Robb points out the value in spending this time together.

Me?  I’m spending a week with my 11 year old son.   So I’m going to moon you.

Yep, I sent you to a touching post about father/daughter bonding and then I make butt jokes. It’s all class here.

Alan took some nifty pictures using his point and shoot and spotting scope.  I used my fancy Nikon P80 and a tripod and got some weird alien creature.

But then the moon decided she’d had enough of all the pictures and headed out.

Too much paparazzi I guess.

2 thoughts on “Long Night Lunar Eclipse”

  1. I’m just jealous that you had good viewing weather for the eclipse.
    I’d been planning and waiting to take photos of it for the past 6 months and what happens? The whole tristate area was thickly clouded over all night.

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