I know, I haven’t given you a proper vacation wrap up.  I will, I promise.

I’ve got pictures to upload and everything.  And yes, they do include me in a bikini in public.

I would have done it yesterday, but the high-speed pace of my actual job catching up yesterday was all my hand could take.  So instead of updating my lovely readers, I sat on the couch, acted pathetic, and drank.  Hooray for Manhattans with swanky cherries! (If you don’t know about the cherries, you must not be reading my hubby’s blog.)

I’m wearing a wrist brace today, so things should be better.  I’ve got weak wrists.  I went through physical therapy on my right hand for carpal tunnel several years ago.  Still gives me trouble if I over-use it.  Good reason to shoot a steel revolver rather than a scandium one.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t told you all the delicious details of the firearms expo last Saturday.  I’ve really got to get you caught up.

2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. It’s August 1 2:12 PM. Do you know where your update is?

    Oh. Right here. 🙂

    In case you need any help, I’m putting forth a priority list for you to use.
    1) Bikini pics.
    2) The rest.

    I hope that helps. 😀

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