Violent Rhetoric Warning

So we were hit with the OMG world is ending blizzard storm of Epic suckage. Just like everyone else. Ain’t global warming grand? Yep, I have pictures.

Here is the big snowdrift in the front yard.

The invisible street

You can see the others on Facebook.

It’s about 10 degrees with a wind chill of -10. Also, there is snow in my garage. The same garage that hasn’t been opened to the outside in years. It got in through the garage doors and the side door.

But Jen, why did you even go out in your uninsulated garage that is full of nothing but unfinished projects and jagged sharp things?

So I could unsuccessfully try to determine why the central heat is going RRRRR clunk RRRRR clunk and not blowing any warm air into the house.

Dear Murphy,
If I ever meet you, I’m going to beat you almost, but not quite to death. Then, I am going to light you on fire and place you in my living room so I can stay warm. I will delight in your screams.
*For those concerned, we really will be just fine. Just not exactly thrilled with the furnace situation

8 thoughts on “Violent Rhetoric Warning”

  1. It stayed out of my garage, but it covered the driveway to a depth of 17 inches, which is not wonderful if you have thirty feet to shovel. (And the shovel broke at the 22-foot point.)

  2. Amazingly, I didn’t have any real drift problems; something about the wind direction and the stuff being so light blew it mostly around. Didn’t drift too bad on the south side, even swirling around the house.

    But damn cold, yeah.

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