No One Heard Her Scream

Her punches and scratches didn’t stop him. By the time police arrived, she was already victimized and crying uncontrollably.

She wasn’t in one of those dark alleys or seedy bars they always warn women to stay away from. No, she was at an Oklahoma City downtown hotel. In the ladies room. And so was he.

I’m sure it’s small comfort that her rapist has been arrested.  I’m sure she wishes that it had never happened.  Her life is changed forever.

No one heard her scream.  No one was there to help her other than herself.

I’ve got years of classical vocal training and quite the set of lungs.  My scream is ear-splitting.  Ask anyone that has ridden a roller coaster with me.  But I choose to arm myself with something more.

Attackers will not listen to your pleas and cries for help, but hot lead is a universal language. You are the only one that will be there to come to your defense.  You are on your own.

9 thoughts on “No One Heard Her Scream”

  1. A gun, a knife and mace. I made sure that my wife has all three.

    But the mace and knife are just tools to get you to a gun.

    Rape, child molestation and murder are the three crimes I would love to see a mandatory death penalty for.

  2. “You are on your own” always catches my eye and sends a thrill down my spine. I love that phrase because it negates the collective imagery liberals would like us to believe. When you’re in the bathroom stall with evil, it is you and you alone, your collective rights can’t save you then.

  3. Jennifer, I couldn’t agree more. As I keep asking you yanks, PLEASE don’t allow your government to disarm you as ours have done to us here in Australia.

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