A Question Of Concealment

My friend, trackerk, brings up an excellent argument about concealment for women. It is a challenge to dress cute and carry appropriate equipment.

But I’m ornery. And Mrs. TrackerK can probably kick my ass. Actually, no probably about it. My training is dance, hers is Krav Maga. I don’t stand a chance.

Um… Point, I haz one.

Let me go on the record as saying I am totally in favor of open carry. I do not believe that the state has a right to tell you how you can or cannot exercise your right to keep and bear arms. Bear being the important part. Some people will choose the element of surprise while others will choose the deterrent factor of an openly carried firearm.

I just want to point out that you do not have to dress like a nun to conceal the tools necessary to defend yourself.

Exibit A


Let me point out that I am carrying a Smith & Wesson M&P9c, a Kershaw blackout, and a Surefire G2 LED

Don’t believe me?

Look again



Yes, you can go back to the original pictures and see some printing. I will point out that the only item that Oklahoma law requires that I conceal is the firearm itself. I make no effort to hide the rest.

I really just wanted to make the point that ladies should not feel like they must sacrifice fashion for personal protection. Open carry or no, you are the only thing separating yourself from evil. I generally add something else to break up the print of my firearm, but I could go to the grocery store just like that and no one would ever notice. Obviously I endorse my husband’s holsters, they are the only ones I wear, but I encourage everyone to find one that works for them in their specific situation.

Do not ever let anything get in the way of taking care of yourself. The moment you do, you will wish you hadn’t.

10 thoughts on “A Question Of Concealment”

  1. Nothing says HAWT like a girl with a gun.
    Now if I could get my MBWITW to go shooting with the boyz and I.
    But she is accepting and very tolerant of our “obsession”.

    MBWITW = Most Beautiful Wife In The World

  2. Good post Jenn, and you could just as well have a phone on the belt from the first pic 🙂 Thanks for the pics, hopefully some ladies out there will reconsider their attitudes and start carrying routinely! The more ladies that carry, the more cautious the bad guys are going to get, which is GOOD for y’all!

  3. Really though, I would not consider you immodestly dressed yet. Wearing jeans you have to be poured into and a shirt made of the thread of a single silk worm is what I’m going for. I want MANswers girls to be able to protect themselves if Johnny Jihad breaks into the studio with bedding…I mean beheading on his mind.

  4. Sure, you’re printing a little … if you’re playing “can you spot the gun.”

    I was going to say that I can pull it off, but then I realized you’re talking about concealing while dressing cute… I can’t even pull off dressing cute!

  5. Very nice.

    I’m working on saving for the CC permit, but right now I go with a Surefire Defender and a Benchmade 580. Just gotta save the money for the last item – a nice Sig 226, 229 or maybe the new 290 for ultra conceivability.

    It’s good to have choices

  6. I love this post so bad. It breaks my heart when women compromise their carry guns because they’re not familiar with the concept of dressing around the gun.

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