Sparkly Bits?

Apparently, if you decide to dress up your private parts, you’re a victim of the patriarchy.



I found this little gem via Firehand.

The story, not that kind of gem.

I’m just going to say that your motivation for personal adornment is totally up to you.  I’m not going to assume what it might be and neither should some feminist.

It’s all about making us feel that women’s bodies – which are supposed to smell, leak and grow hair – are shameful and need fixing.

Smelling, leaking, and growing hair. She must be a sexy, sexy lady.  Honey, I am not controlling any smelling, leaking, or hair on account of the men folk.  Hygiene is a good thing.

6 thoughts on “Sparkly Bits?”

  1. At the risk of Laurie accusing me of being one of those women suppressing misogynist pigs, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that no amount of vajazzling (is that what you call it?) would make her all that attractive.

    Of course taking a shower now and then to clean up the leaky and smelly bits might help with her socializing in general.

  2. There was a comment in the original article from a guy that said that girlie bits are absolutely fine as they are with the heterosexual male and that no glitter is necessary…. I agree with him and then he was roundly called a douchebag…

    I have a feeling that there is nothing a man could say to appease these men hating feminazis…

    If a chick wants to do it – more power to her – if she doesnt – more power to her too and if I do or if I dont has nothing to do with shame…

    What is shameful is how the feminist movement has gone from WOMEN ROCK to MEN SUCK when one has nothing to do with the other. WOMEN ROCK and MEN ROCK TOO! should be the anthem!

    And body glitter which is this stuff’s ugly cousin, is what we call Stripper Dust in our house 😉

  3. Pretty much every single article of that type exhibits exactly the same subtext: “In a far, far better world, I would automatically be considered hotter.”

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