Oops! It’s Tuesday

And I haven’t given you any content.


Had a lovely lunch date with a friend instead of writing today. Accidentally threw my phone in the trash at Arby’s. Retrieving it gave the guys sitting by the trashcan a good laugh. But seriously, there are other tables available. Who sits directly next to a trash can?

So I finally uploaded pics from Phlegemmys Phabulous Gathering, you know, the one everyone that is anyone is talking about.

Including the infamous squirrel incident. I even have photographic evidence of the EvylRobot himself going into low-ready to enjoy Holly’s devilish eggs.

I have photographic evidence of the barking as well, but it was requested I keep that to myself. Or at least, myself and those that were there to witness it first hand.

But really, I caught the real treasure of the night. I would assume all of my readers have checked out Ambulance Driver, right? He is one whom should need no introduction. Well, if you think he tells a good story online, you’d love to listen to him in person. And, with permission, I’ve got a little taste of grainy video to share with all of you so you can get just a piece of a ‘gator story.

Really, the audio is far better than the video. It’s clearer in my files, but you know you tube.

It really was a wonderful time, and I will share more pictures shortly. If you were there, email me and I’ll get you more pictures. It was well attended as you can see from the other links and a wonderful time was had by all.

5 thoughts on “Oops! It’s Tuesday”

  1. That table next to the trash is awful… on one side your back is against the window, on the other side, your back is to the whole restaurant. *shudder*

    I had a good time getting out of the house for a change. We should do it more often. Besides, it’ll make your co-workers SO curious about why you’re leaving the office for lunch…

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