Damn You Global Warming!

You and your record snowfall and freezes.

Freezing temperatures all the way to Mexico have triggered a tomato shortage.  And in case you didn’t know, I love tomatoes.  A lot.  I love their soft plump bodies and smooth red skin.  I love their smell.  I love that moment when biting into a perfectly ripe Roma when the skin tension gives and fills my mouth with tomato juices.  I will eat them until my tongue is raw.  And I haven’t even mentioned my love of salsa.  The delicious sweetness combined with the spice.  <insert Homer sound here>

I would damn all of this global warming to hell, but I don’t think Lucifer knows how to build a snowman.

7 thoughts on “Damn You Global Warming!”

  1. I found your blog via some prepper’s list (blogroll.) I kinda assumed (maybe wrongly) that you were a prepper, too?
    Thus, my surprise about your lack of tomatoes due to the Mexico-freeze.
    We preppers have extra canned tomatoes, canned tomato soups, not to mention our own potted tomatoes that we drag inside/outside as the weather changes!!!
    Yes, we love tomatoes, too. AND… We ensure that we’re never without them.
    (The world isn’t all guns & ammo…)

    1. Thank you for the comment, D!
      Yes, we do have canned tomatoes and soup and salsa, but nothing fresh. I don’t have space to bring plants inside during the winter. I’ve got seeds to start for this year’s garden. Also, our pantry took a pretty good hit last year when my husband went full time into his holster business. Thank God we had the food storage when money was so tight. We are working to rebuild our stores.

  2. And almost all lettuces, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, bell peppers…

    The list from my produce guy of things that are experiencing severe shortages or forecast to experience extreme shortages covered about 85% of my order template.

    Not a fun time to be ordering for a corporate cafeteria. Them ‘puter geeks can get annoying when you take away their salad bar.


  3. The citrus prices are what will kill us…Chris uses lemons and limes in his drinks daily. I can deal with the lack of oranges, but he’ll be suffering.

    @BGMiller – your IT people actually eat salad? Most of us aren’t the greens-eating sort. Hell, one of my co-dungeon-dwellers lives entirely on Mountain Dew and Cheese Doodles for breakfast/lunch and pizza for dinner.

  4. @falnfenix

    Quite a few of my cyber weasels go for the bunnychow. And even the ones that don’t will get all pissy if it goes away. I’ve said more than once that the 300 odd souls wandering the halls here don’t want a cafeteria. They want a free admission food museum with interactive displays.


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