I’m A Uniter

People get pretty passionate about their chili.  What with the beans/no beans debate and all. Ground meat, diced meat, etc.

Well, my friends, I have found something that all chili aficionados can agree on. And if not, well, you’re wrong.

This is an abomination to all things chili.

You can’t make chili con carne without MEAT.  Con Carne specifically means with meat. Notice how it sounds like carnivore?

Vegetarian chili con carne. *shaking head*

If we’re not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?

Or as hubby says, “Food eats salad.”

11 thoughts on “I’m A Uniter”

  1. I’m with your hubby. Years ago now I attended a programming seminar being given by a fellow who was extremely aware of the value of his opinions to the rest of humanity.

    We broke for lunch and I found myself sitting directly across from him as we were served. We all had servings of rare roast beef au jus – except for the instructor who chowed down on an enormous salad – all the while telling us how much better off we’d be if we all would only eat like him.

    My response at the time was: “That is not food. That is what my food eats!” This was about 1987-88 or so.

    It’s the only time I ever saw this person speechless.

  2. I can sorta overlook the bell peppers. Not exactly first on my list of chili ingredients, but still in the pepper family at least. Button mushrooms though? What kind of crack do you have to be smokin’ to think that mushrooms taste good in chili?

    And Old NFO, please tell me you are joking about needing a definition of what con carne means.

  3. the camping trips i did in September last year and the previous year introduced me to vegetarian chili.

    i couldn’t stomach more than a mouthful of the stuff. there’s something inherently wrong about chili with no meat.

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