Very Late Pictures

I never really intended to be teasing anyone about pictures.  I’ve always had every intention of posting them.  I’m just lazy and self-conscious.

This is teasing
Me!  In a Bikini

Yep, that’s me waaay out there.

Look at you.  Checking below the fold.

I might need a few of these to work up the nerve to share more.
The Obligatory Beach drink 2
When you go to the beach, it is a rule that you have a giant fruity drink.  We actually spent entirely too much time searching for the right place before settling here.  I was really hoping for one with an umbrella.  Would have been extra nice if it had actually tasted good.

And I will take every possible opportunity to eat this
The sauce was basically ketchup, but the calamari was wonderful.  Almost as good as these.
Shrimp Kisses

These are heaven.  They are bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheese.

This is the kind of food I like and you wonder why I might be reluctant to share pictures.  *sigh*

Here is the slideshow of all my Galveston pictures.  And a random cat in a box because every collection of images needs a cat in a box.


Sorry the pictures are so small.  You should be able to click on them for bigger versions.  WebShots is acting up on me apparently.

2 thoughts on “Very Late Pictures”

  1. Turns out the beach scene here in the liberal northeast isn’t so different. Add fried Ipswitch clams (with bellies!) to the smorgasbord and that’s dinner here too. But I’ll take a good beer over a fruity drink to wash it all down.

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