Who Knew

Antonio Banderas can sing?

So you know, I’m a big fan on Sarah Brightman. That final note. I can’t hit it without warming up. We’ll see if I can convince a certain duet partner to do it with me appropriately warmed up on camera some time.

5 thoughts on “Who Knew”

  1. I couldn’t hit any of those notes on a bet! Two items of personal interest related to the Phantom:

    We went to see a production of the Phantom at the Kennedy Center in DC some years back. I was separated from my wife and MIL (bought tix at two different times), and so was seated with some folks from out of town. Who chewed loudly on the contents of a box of Milk Duds all through the opening numbers…

    At intermission one of “others” turned to me and exclaimed: “Plot’s kinda thin, doncha think?” They left shortly afterward, and I was able to enjoy the closing parts of the play in peace.

    When my children were small we took to the road to visit some friends who had moved to Tennessee. Among other things, each child (2) had an imitation Sony Walkman tape player and ear buds. We had a two-tape set of the Phantom. The kids (at the time probably eight and five) argued over who would get to listen to the Phantom first. We settled it by having each listen to one of the tapes, and then swap when they were done.

    It was a very peaceful trip with very little squabbling throughout. Go figure!

  2. I have a pretty big range, and can sing the CRAP out of this tune…but that last note? I’m *thisclose* to hitting it, dammit! Just close enough to make you cringe and grit your teeth…in sympathy, I hope! 😉

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