Gun Chicks

We are a growing club, the gun chicks.  We are pretty, and we are mighty. We refuse the “advice” of compliance with criminals. We will not be easy victims.

And our numbers are growing. We’ve got North’s wife overcoming deep seated fears edit! Maura is a friend, not the wife. My mistake. Even a couple of Dancing Monkeys (aka, Hollywood Starlets) getting in on the action.

But you know what really makes it all worth it? What makes me want to teach that next new shooter? This.

New Shooter Grin

Meet Sammi. She’s never handled a gun before in her life. She’s a single mother of two adorable children. And she’s got the cutest new shooter grin ever. We worked our way through various guns. Her favorite, .45 semi auto. She can load the magazine and work the slide and does a fine job shooting it. I should point out that it’s Michael’s Compact .45 that she enjoyed so much. Never underestimate a new shooter.

You know what else makes it great?

Right on Target

Meet Jeni. Her husband is overseas serving our country. She’s here making sure she can defend herself and her son. That’s my compact S&W M&P9c she’s using to tear up that target. She’d only ever shot a 22lr rifle previously, and that was years ago. Her favorite? Michael’s .44 Magnum. She now wants a 9mm because they are just fun to shoot. And the .44 is kind of a commitment.

We started them slowly on .38 special and then just let them set the pace. They each learned revolver and semi-auto basics, grip, and of course the 4 rules. (Which, I should point out, Sammi was still quoting in the office today.) Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of either of them with the revolvers. As any regular readers know, the Evyl Robot Empyre is well stocked in revolvers.

Jeni’s Air Force hubby will probably be surprised to find out that his lovely wife can not only wield but also enjoy an AR15. Wouldn’t be shocked if she could out-shoot him.

Jeni with AR

And a 12 gauge pump action shotgun.

Jeni with the shotgun

I learned something new too. When teaching the ladies to mount the long guns, tell them to put that butt stock on their bra strap. You’re welcome.

Also, once I figured out that Sammi is left eye dominant, she tore up that empty bottle of windshield wiper fluid. Seriously, don’t mess with her and a shotgun.

Sammi with a 12ga

And speaking of the new shooter grin

Sammi with my AR

Yes boys, she is single. Don’t mess with her.

It was a wonderful day in spite of the cold. Really, I should have brought more targets.

Destroyed Target

Because these ladies straight up demolished this one.

Also, I need to bring someone just to take pictures because I kept forgetting to take pictures since I was having so much fun teaching these two. Here’s a slideshow of what I did get. You can click inside the slideshow to see the actual pictures.

New Shooters 3-26-2011

14 thoughts on “Gun Chicks”

  1. “We’ve got North’s wife overcoming deep seated fears.”

    I have a deep-seated fear of my wife. Especially if she hears that you’ve called Maura my wife…

    Maura is a close friend.

    My wife is an excellent shot. I’d rather not be the target.

  2. Taking new shooters to the range is possibly the most enjoyable thing you can do with guns.

    Thanks for the great teaching tip too. I’d never thought of that, despite having two sisters that shoot, but it makes lots of sense.

  3. “When teaching the ladies to mount the long guns, tell them to put that butt stock on their bra strap.”

    Man, that’s as easy and correct as it gets. Wish I’d thought of it. You rock!

  4. This is SO GREAT to see! I’ve taught a number of women to shoot. They’re almost always better students, because they don’t have all the earlier TV training guys do. I remember one little, mousy thing who took particular pleasure in shooting the crotch out of the silhouettes with my Gold Cup! I think she had ‘issues’.

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