Sometimes, I’m Kind of an Idiot

So I haven’t been feeling quite right for the last several days, more than a week really.  Feet swollen, issues with heartburn, itchy, and other things you probably don’t want details about.  And I couldn’t explain it.  I’ve been eating well, even getting more fruits and vegetables than previously.  I’m drinking plenty of water and everything.

In fact, my employer has started providing fruit in the office.  Why, I’ve been eating an orange or a couple of clementines for breakfast every morning.  Ate a whole pile of orange slices with dinner last night.  They were delicious.  All that vitamin C yummyness should have me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, right?

Oh yeah!  That’s right.  I was allergic to oranges as a kid.  Maybe, just maybe, I should kinda limit my intake of them a bit as an adult.

Duh!  Just because you out-grow a childhood allergy, doesn’t mean you get to go all hog wild on the forbidden fruit.  And really, it shouldn’t take weeks of such behavior before it dawns on you why you might not be feeling so great.

Oh citrus mistress!  Why must you seduce me so?



6 thoughts on “Sometimes, I’m Kind of an Idiot”

  1. As a wee lad, I would break out in a bad case of hives inexplicably. It remained a mystery until after drinking a glass of Hi-C and then spilling a little on my knee. IMMEDIATE hives!!

    Had to give it up and get my sugar fix elsewhere.

  2. I love it when the solution to a medical issue is simple and clear cut. Admittedly, I love it less when same solution requires denying oneself delicious fruit.

    I hope you’re feeling better now!

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