Found Jesus?

It’s one of those phrases you hear from time to time.  Someone will be referring to the formerly crazy life of another person.  But they are different now because they found Jesus.

My response – I didn’t know he was lost.  Where did you leave him?

Sure it sounds flip, but I have a point.  Saying that someone found Jesus makes it sound like there is some kind of cat and mouse game.  A game of hide and seek.  Count to 100 and see if you can find Jesus!  It’s only your eternal soul at stake.

But it’s not that way at all.  Jesus was never lost.  He’s not hiding from any of us.  He’s always there.  We are the ones who were lost.  We are the ones trying in futility to hide from God.

We are like helpless children wandering in the wilderness.  It’s dark, and we are frightened.  We’ve lost our way with no hope of rescue.  And then we see it.  The light of the world.

Found Jesus?  No child.  Jesus found you.

7 thoughts on “Found Jesus?”

  1. I had someone ask I I had found Jesus yet and I told them “No, but we have fliers up all over the neighborhood”

    They didn’t appreciate my humor either. But you are right, he was never lost but we sure are.
    Instinct´s last blog post ..My New Pen Pal

  2. I enjoyed this post! It reminded me of something I heard an older lady at church say to a young group of hooligans who were tossing each other about in the foyer of the church, knocking things all willy-nilly. She used her “old lady command voice” (as my husband would call it): “Hey! You little brats!” while making a bee line toward them. She grabbed one’s wrist and, in reference to his “What Would Jesus Do” bracelet, said “You know what Jesus would really do? He would slap the crap out of you for destroying his house!”

    How can you argue with that kind of logic?

  3. Had someone come up to me and my wife while out walking around a local park with the kiddo snoozing the stroller, and ask if I wanted to know Jesus. I responded that I was already saved…he looked sadly at me, and said “we’d all like to think so, wouldn’t we?” and then proceeded to shove his tract in my hand. It fed the next trash can we came across. Gotta love assumptions!

    Great site, BTW!

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