Shh! Don’t Tell Them

Lucky Gunner thinks the EvylRobot and I are cool enough to be at their big shooty shindig Memorial Day weekend!  We’ve apparently fooled them into thinking your humble host and her holster making hubby belong with all the cool kids.  I’m just going to let them go ahead and think so.

And now I’m going to have to cancel that facial and break out the frumpy just for Eric Heyl. (No, those don’t link to him.  They link to a couple of ladies taking him down.)  Gee, I don’t have a black holster.  I guess purple is the new black.  Or maybe an orange sunburst.  Of course, I have a new .45 coming soon (details later) so maybe I can appropriately accessorize that one.  Of course, it isn’t black.  Hmm, wonder if I can find nail polish in Flat Dark Earth…


Any readers going to Lucky Gunner’s Shooty Shindig?  If so, where are you staying?  I want to be sure and meet you! Blogger Shoot

5 thoughts on “Shh! Don’t Tell Them”

  1. We got the A-OK from LG yesterday, so we’ll see you there! Haven’t made our hotel plans yet, but we’ll likely stay in one of the host hotels.

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