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Hospice people are amazing. I sincerely hope and believe there is a special crown these people will receive in heaven. I am blown away by these people. I personally didn’t pursue a medical career because I didn’t think I had the emotional stamina to handle it if I were to lose a patient. These people lose them all. And they have the added responsibility of dealing with family members. They are there 24/7 for anything and everything that might be needed.
I got to meet a special one on Friday. Her name is Katie Ann and she’s a golden retriever. She’s a trained therapy dog. She loves everyone and will let everyone love on her. Kids can pull on her ears. People can squeeze her and cry on her and she just loves them back. If I see her again, I may try to get her picture.
We all thought Friday was Granddad’s last day with us. We’ve said our goodbyes and now we are just waiting for the inevitable. I really hope that he can go peacefully and quickly. I trust that if God continues to keep him here, that he has a good reason to do so, but I have to admit that this is hard.
My husband and I did get to have a very nice dinner with my 3 cousins and their spouses. We had never all gone out together before. We laughed at old stories and our twisted humor that it seems we’ve all inherited. I’m so glad to be rekindling relationships with them.
On Saturday, Granddad’s vitals had actually improved. He’s still arguing with angels. I hate seeing him suffer this way. I know that he will go home when it is time though and God’s time is not my time. It’s hard to be at peace with that. It’s even harder to see Nana struggle so much. She hasn’t left his side. She’s an amazing woman. I don’t envy her place right now. 57.5 years is a long time to be married. That kind of love is worth the pain.

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