Dancing With Himself

No Left Turns has a fantastic post about Obamessiah’s upcoming solo act. Here’s a taste:

In the “experienced” eyes of Barack Obama, this can’t possibly be as big a problem as everyone says it is. After all, “these two nice people named Fannie and Freddie had enough money to donate $125,000 to my campaign so both she and he must be doing pretty darned good..”

Seriously, go read the whole thing.

This whole solo debate idea is laughable.  Does he plan to debate himself?  I suppose he could debate his pre-campaign self against his stated, politically expedient, current views.  That might be interesting.  Lots of material there.  How about the surge?  Taxes?  Guns?

Don’t worry little Obama.  Harry Reid says you can stay home and cling to your teleprompter.  Let the grown ups handle the issues.

11 thoughts on “Dancing With Himself”

  1. Yes, send in the Veeps. Palin needs to make up some ground from the bad interview she gave Katie Couric. She must show she can talk and walk at the same time.

  2. What? I’m merely stating that McCain should have chosen an intelligent conservative with a strong track record. I’m sure Palin is a nice lady, but clearly she is not up to the duty if anything (God forbid)should happen to McCain. McCain-Romney would have been unstoppable! Palin is not even capable of answering questions.

  3. Right JMAC, especially when those answers are edited like Gibson did.

    With the MSM it doesn’t matter how she answers, they manage to twist it around to look like something it’s not

  4. Palin is obviously not ready for prime-time. She may be a great governor of Alaska, but could not step in and be commander in chief if something were to happen. I’m looking forward to the debate on Thursday to see how she will react to answering questions and presenting her beliefs to the public. I still think it’s possible that she will drop out and McCain will replace her with Romney (intelligent conservative).

  5. Thanks for the referral to noleftturnz.com. I went there and read his articles. They were so great that I signed up for the free subscription.

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