Ode To The Office Perfumer

I’m sure your scent was lovely

When you smelled it at the store

With it, you felt quite comely

As you headed out the door

And I know that smoke was needed

For the dreaded morning commute

And so the call you heeded

To reapply, lest the scent dilute

So now the fragrance is wafting

Into my cube of real estate

Don’t mind the incessant coughing

While in your scent, you marinate

Oh how your heady aroma

Permeates the recirculated air!

Does it carry carcinoma?

(Working that into a poem is rare)

Persevere my smelly co-worker

For your scent is quite unmatched

Don’t mind this rhyming lurker

Nor the plans she may have hatched



5 thoughts on “Ode To The Office Perfumer”

  1. It took us YEARS to get a reasonable scent policy at the big corp.
    Those of us who were offended called the offenders ‘bathers’.
    On numerous occasions, I’d exit my car, in the parking lot, no one in sight, and choke from the vapor trail! And then wear it involuntarily into the building!
    Finally, policy dictated if someone was bothered, the offender had to go wash it off – or go home – unpaid.
    Instances decreased rapidly.

  2. Had a girl where I worked once who I think bathed in vanilla scent. You could tell where she had been for about 15 minutes after she had gone.

    Unfortunately we didn’t have a scent policy, would have saved a lot of peoples lungs.

  3. Well done.
    Not the office, but… I once had a roommate who would re-apply patchouli about every three hours.

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