Re-entering Reality

And it’s dull.  And severely lacking in artillery.  All full-auto fire.  And cannons.

The nasty break halfway down the nail on my trigger finger is super-glued together.  My thumb is no longer sore and swollen.  The bruise on my shoulder is fading.  The 13 hour drive is long behind me.  The laundry is done.  (Amazing how much .45 was still in so many pockets.)

And dammit!  I wanna go back!  Hey Lucky Gunner-Do you want to adopt me?

I’m still sorting through the pictures and video that I took of my weekend full of bullets, smoke, and new friends.  The blogroll must be updated.  That bloggers I’ve met section will be growing by quite a lot.  (BTW-If you were there, kindly leave a comment with a link to your blog.  Particularly if you aren’t listed in that section already.  I failed to take notes, and I want to do my best to not leave anyone out.)

As my other half pointed out, we were having internet issues while there and so were not able to get anything posted from the scene.  Not that it would have mattered.  We were having way too much fun to stop and blog anyway.

But some of the other bloggers have some posts up for you to enjoy.  We’ve got John Richardson of No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money shooting the KRISS vector.  He’s also got video of the M3 Stuart tank that was there.  The incomparable OldNFO has some great pictures upLes Jones has video.  SayUncle has a few pictures up and a comment I’ll never live down. (Why yes, I did make a crack to SayUncle about not creating content and just linking everyone else’s.  In his own home.  As the second thing I said after meeting him.  Because I know exactly how to make a first impression with the most read gun blogger on the internet.  You know, he won an award.) Sebastian has video of himself shooting an M14.  Traction Control has some pics and blogo-graphs of several attendees. Sean Sorrentino has video of the KRISS.

I met both BrokenTrace and preauxphoto of Burgers and Boomsticks.  And as a funny thing, I got to meet both Linoge and WizardPC of Walls of the City even though they have yet to meet each other.  I spent time in front of the lens of the one and only Oleg Volk.  Yep, Oleg Volk took pictures of me.  And there are plans to do more.  He liked Michael’s holsters.  I enjoyed finally shaking hands with Kenn Blanchard, Tam, and many others that I’ve only known in virtual space previously.  I have to admit, I was geeking out to get to meet all these people that are famous on the internet.

And I learned stuff too!  Lucky Gunner brought in Tom Givens of RangeMaster for classes on Sunday.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I can’t wait for next year!

11 thoughts on “Re-entering Reality”

  1. I’m sorry I had to bolt without getting a chance to say ‘bye to y’all. 🙁

    We’ll have to do it again sometime, but with even more explosions!

  2. It was great to meet you! Got back and found my internet dead until a few minutes ago.

    I want more! And my daughter is demanding her own gun blog now so that she can get her own invite next year!

  3. I spend all day Sunday shooting next to you and then beat you in the shoot-off and I don’t even rate a mention on your blogroll.

    I really liked meeting both you and Michael. Like you I too was geeking out over being around all you famous and well known bloggers, plus trying to take in all the full-auto goodness. I can’t wait to go and shoot with everyone again next year !

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